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John Barnet 13Th Century Sword Museum Quality

The swords of the 12th and 13th centuries had not changed overly much, predominately having straight cruciform guards, circular pommels and straight slightly tapering double edged blades. By the year 1300 defensive body armour had improved quite dramatically, plate armour defences were being combined with chainmail on the arms, torso and legs and improved swords were needed to combat these new armours. Traditionally straight sword guards now begin to be down turned at the ends and blades now develop into very sharp pointed elongated triangular shapes. These swords had superior handling characteristics as the lack of weight toward the tip allowed for free movement and the sharp point made it easier to connect a thrust with the less well armoured areas of an opponent. It is in this period that we can see swords developing to such an extent that new techniques of sword combat are now possible.

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